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Write A Book Project 2018


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Closing date for the project will be Tuesday February 27 th 2018 between 3.30 pm and 5 pm.  Books will not be accepted before or after this date. This rule will be strictly adhered to.

To be part of the project we request that each teacher participating will read one set of books. These will be available on February 27 th.  The set can be returned to the centre as soon as it is read.  Final closing date for the return of the books that have been read is Tuesday March 6 th 2018.


All books must use the official labels completed with all relevant information.  The label should be securely affixed to the inside back cover of each book.  Two copies of the enclosed class list must accompany each set of books with the total number of books enclosed printed clearly on the top.  "LS" books should also be included on this list. (Re "LS" books see rule 6 below.)
Class set of books should be submitted in a box or sturdy bag and list of books should be attached to the box/bag.  Please do not submit very large boxes as bulk can cause a storage problem.

If you are submitting books from children who attend Learning Support or Resource, please print "LS" on the book label or beside the child’s name on the class list and present these books separately   on the top of the class bundle. Otherwise they will not be put into the special category.

One child in each
class group participating will receive a special merit award. Every child participating in the project will receive a certificate.  (Class groups are junior/Senior Infants, First/Second, Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth and Learning Support/Resource)
In case of the use of word processors the teacher must sign to verify that it is the child’s own work.

Books must NOT be commercially bound.

Finally, check your class list and make sure that an absent book is not listed.  It can cause major administration problems.
Copies of the WABP video are available on loan from the centre.  
Fee of  €20 per
class group – maximum of  €100 per school – is payable when delivering the books.  (If your school is in a disadvantaged area and this fee causes a problem please get in touch with the centre).

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