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Virtual Sports Day  - Turn your school sports day into a reality
As we near the end of the final term, we all know that Sports Day is a day that many children look forward to. Sadly, this year they will not get the opportunity to enjoy this. We wanted to provide schools with a way of bringing the fun and excitement of sports day to the homes of children.
By attending our Virtual Sports Day Live Webinar, the teacher will get access to:
·       A step by step guide, on how you can host a Virtual Sports Day in your school.
·       A suite of resources including detailed explanations with downloads, explainer videos and music playlists
·       A  list of household items which can be substituted for normal school equipment
A number of the activities we have used reference the Move Well Move Often Programme (PDST).
We want to make our Virtual Sports Day resource accessible to every school and family, hopefully turning that end of year sports day into a reality for the children, and bringing some well-needed happiness to all the family in these challenging times.
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