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Seesaw From The Start
You have heard about Seesaw during the pandemic but maybe you haven’t really engaged with it. This could be your gilt-edged opportunity. Why not sign up for one or several of these webinars and begin 2021 on a very positive note.
In this webinar, you will be guided to log on to Seesaw, and introduced to the two most important aspects:  
  • Journal, where pupils’ submitted work can be viewed, commented on and approved
  • Activities, where, for this webinar, we will be selecting from the huge Community Library
We will be providing full support with step-by-step guides in the form of unlisted YouTube videos for those who are determined to get on board but need that extra support!
For all Seesaw webinars:
You can sign up for one or any number of the webinars free-of-charge.On this, the first (introductory) webinar, you will be given a login code and will sign in as a student, so there will be no need to have your own account set up.
You will be expected to have your own Seesaw account (free version) for the second webinar and from then on. If you aren’t sure how to set up your own account, don’t worry, we will guide you through it.You will be assigned optional homework  – you will be encouraged to attempt the assignments as an opportunity to practice the skills during the week following the particular webinarYou will be supported all the way with weblinks, unlisted YouTube videos and printable pdf handouts to help you on your learning journey   So, why don’t you join us for one or more webinars. We’d love to have you on board.

Ash Lane, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
Tel: (071) 9138700

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