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Key Websites for Remote Learning for the Primary Teacher
At the moment, we are inundated with a large number of websites and online tools vying for our attention. The aim of this webinar is to present key websites for remote learning. These websites are age-appropriate and reliable sources of information for primary school pupils. This webinar will be useful for teachers who are communicating with pupils by post, email or on an online learning platform. It will also be beneficial for teachers who would like to increase their knowledge of quality sources of information freely available online. No previous experience is required. We would encourage teachers to join Linda as she presents this webinar.
Linda is a teaching principal who is currently using these websites with her own class and is all too aware of the reality of providing continuity of learning during a school closure.

Facilitator: Linda McMahon                   
Dates:  Monday April 20th   (12.00p.m)
Seesaw for the Primary Classroom                       
What is the best way to engage with your primary school pupils during these difficult times, to get them actively and creatively involved in their learning? We don’t have all the answers (nobody could) but we do have just ONE very good suggestion…why not try Seesaw, the free, online, cross-platform e-portfolio especially suitable for primary school pupils, where teacher assigns lessons (many ready-to-go for all ages) and pupils can respond through use of video, audio and text. Parents can view and offer encouragement (they can only see their own child’s work) and when responses are posted, teacher can assess and provide feedback.
If you have just heard of Seesaw and would like to know more, this webinar will, hopefully, get you up and running, providing you with the link to a step-by-step pdf guide, a series of links for further instruction and information for you and for your parents and finally, help you through compiling your first assignment for your pupils.
Facilitator: Adrian Keena                  
Dates:  Tuesday April 21st   (12.00p.m)
Teacher Well-Being and Resilience: Approaches from Positive Psychology
At this challenging time in particular, with so much unexpected change and many new demands and initiatives, it is now more important than ever to focus on our well-being and resilience as teachers. If we don’t replenish and restore ourselves, we may quickly become depleted and emotionally exhausted.
The field of Positive Psychology (the science of well-being) can provide teachers with many skills and strategies to keep ourselves replenished, and to help us to develop the resilience we need at this time
This webinar will introduce the field of Positive Psychology and offer ideas on how it can be used to support our well-being. We will also look at the area of resilience and how we can nurture it, so that we feel strong and equipped to face current challenges.
Facilitator: Fiona Foreman                     
Dates:  Wedesday April 22nd  ( 12.00p.m)
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Learn To Move From Stress Mode Into Relaxation Mode
Uncertainty and restriction can drag your mind into worry and anxiety. Learn how you can change that habit.
Take this opportunity to practice with a group, to lie down in the comfort of your own home and rest deeply.
It is important to have a comfortable space to lie down, a warm blanket, a pillow and whatever else you need to be totally at ease.
“BEST news yet – you will be in the safety of your own environment as participants will not be seen on the screen.” -
Zoom is really simple so please give it a go even if you have never done it before!
Facilitator: Derval Dunford                     
Dates:  Thursday April 23rd  ( 12.00p.m)
The Resilient Leader
Facilitator:  Shane Martin C.Psychol.,Ps.S.I.
Resilience is a key characteristic of high-performing leaders
Dates:  Tuesday April 28th ( 2.30pm - 4.30pm)
NEW! Blue Bots,Lego-WeDo & Photon Overview
(limited to 10 places)
Facilitator:  Linda McMahon
Dates:  May 6th   7pm
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Time Management For ‘SECRETARIES’
Facilitator: Teresa Hand-Campbell
Date:To Be Rescheduled
Problem Solving For Today's Child
-Special Needs Assistants
Facilitator: Lisa Mc Gill
Date: To Be Rescheduled
Establishing Your Own Coding Club Workshop
No coding experience required
Date: To Be Rescheduled
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2.4 Seesaw for the Primary Classroom  
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Dates: To Be Confirmed   Facilitator: Adrian Keena    
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