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DABBLEDOOMUSIC  The Fun Way To Learn About Music
Date: March 14th  Time : 5pm - 7pm
    Detailed Description & Registration: here
Date: March 12th  Time : 7pm   
Detailed Description & Registration: Here
(station teaching in the mainstream classroom)
Active School Flag - Nearly There Workshop Primary Schools more
Date: March 11th  Time :6pm   - 8pm
Detailed Description & Registration: Here
Date: March 6th  Time : 7pm   
Detailed Description & Registration: Here
  New Powerpoints can be created or old Powerpoints freshened up
DATE: Wednesday Feb 27th   Time : 7.30   Register: Here
Brendan Culligan will examine spelling as a skill and also as a developmental process.  It will explore reasons why children struggle with spelling and what can be done to overcome these difficulties.  It will also examine strategies to aid spelling development.  Using case studies, it will show how to detect spelling difficulties and suggest methodologies.
Date: Feb 26th  Time : 7pm   Register: Here
   Facilitator, Teresa Hand-Campbell, M.Sc. is an Occupational Psychologist who blends 30 years’ experience as teaching & administrative Principal with her success and expertise as an Occupational Psychologist
Creating Customised Resources to assist pupils with SEN in Mainstream Classes
Date: Feb 13th  Time : 7pm - 9pm
    Detailed Description & Registration: here
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