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Ionad Oideachais Shligigh
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AI and ChatGPT's Role in Enhancing Education

Tutor:  Evan Dunne
Date: Jan 8th (7pm)   Register: here
Fine Motor Skills

Tutor:  Bridget Long
Date: Jan 9th (5.30pm)   Register: here
The Navigating Conflict for Teachers Programme

Tutor:  Sorcha Mallen
Date: Jan 9th & 16th (7pm)   Register: here
Teacher Social Media Accounts

Tutor:  Claire Romito
Date: Jan 10th (7pm)   Register: here
Linking the Stages of Learning

Tutor:  Gráinne Mulcahy
Date: Jan 11th (7pm)   Register: here
School Planning within G Suite

Tutor:  Adrian Keena
Date: Jan 11th (7pm)   Register: here
Supporting Students with Social/Emotional/Behaviour Difficulties

Tutor:  Rose Marie Flanagan
Date: Jan 15th (7pm)   Register: here
The Single Text 2025 - 'King Lear'

Tutor:  Frances Rocks
Date: Jan 16th (7pm)   Register: here
Understanding Sensory Regulation

Tutor:  Bridget Long
Date: Jan 17th & 24th (5.30pm)   Register: here
Public Speaking & Debating

Tutor:  Emma McGrath
Date: Jan 17th  (7pm)   Register: here
Attention The Gateway to Learning

Tutor: Dr Gráinne Mulcahy
Date: Jan 18th (7pm)   Register: here
Strategies to Promote Positive Body Image in the Classroom

Tutor: Siobhan Hennelly
Date: Jan 22nd (7pm)   Register: here
Supporting Student with Autism

Tutor: Rose Marie Flanagan
Date: Jan 22nd (7pm)   Register: here
Understanding and Managing Anxiety(PP)

Tutor: Jen Trzeciak
Date: Jan 24th (7pm)   Register: here
Assessment in the Age of AI

Tutor: Shannon Ahern
Date: Jan 23rd (7pm)   Register: here
Compiling An Effective Support File

Tutor:  Celia Walsh
Date: Jan 23rd  (7pm)   Register: here
Communicating with the Enneagram

Tutor:  Therese Ryan
Date: Jan 29th  (7pm)   Register: here
Reducing Teacher Workload by Building a Culture of Retrieval

Tutor: Lee O'Donnell
Date: Jan 25th (7pm)   Register: here
Maximising Maths Outcomes

Tutor: Shannon Ahern
Date: Jan 30th (7pm)   Register: here
The Single Text 2024 - 'Hamlet'

Tutor:  Frances Rocks
Date: Jan 30th (7pm)   Register: here
Introduction to Colour Therapy

Tutor: Dr Gráinne Mulcahy
Date: Feb 6th (7pm)   Register: here
Empower Students with Effective Planning and Organisational Skills

Tutor:  Bridget Long
Date: Feb 7th (5.30pm)   Register: here
Using Mindfulness to Support Learning

Tutor: Dr Gráinne Mulcahy
Date: Jan 30th (7pm)   Register: here
Approaches for Motivating Students in the Classroom (PP)

Tutor:  Jen Trzeciak
Date: Feb 1st & 8th (7pm)   Register: here
ATU Campus, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
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