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Interactive Assessment & Presentations Using Nearpod
Nearpod is an online presentation tool that allows teachers create or import presentation slides and videos and integrate assessment opportunities between each slide or scene.  Nearpod works very well with PowerPoint files and integrates with Google Slides & Classroom.
Nearpod's assessment tools are both formative (assessment for learning) and summative (assessment of learning).  They allow the teacher to gauge both knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand.
Nearpod is also great for use in distance learning or as a flipped classroom tool.
This webinar will:
- Introduce Nearpod
- Explain how to create and import presentations, add quizzes and create interactive games
- Show how to import videos and add interactive questions
- Demonstrate the assessment tools and reports
Nearpod - Make every lesson interactive
Ash Lane, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
Tel: (071) 9138700

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