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The Navigating Conflict for Teachers Programme
Sorcha Mallen
Jan 9th & 16th  (7pm)
The Navigating Conflict for Teachers programme is designed to equip educational professionals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to resolve, manage and transform conflict, both in their classrooms and school communities. It supports the development of social and emotional skills needed to resolve conflict and assists teachers in encouraging their students to establish and sustain healthy, nourishing relationships throughout their own lives.
The two-part webinar brings together the best techniques from the world of mediation, authentic relating and conflict resolution, and focuses on two principal areas: the relationship with oneself in conflict, and our relationship with others.
This first area supports teachers in gaining a deeper understanding of their own reactions, feelings, emotions, and behaviours in conflict. It outlines the 5-practice approach from Authentic Relating and supports teachers in implementing this process into their lives and classrooms. Participants will gain an understanding into the neuroscience of conflict, how to identify and navigate triggers, and self-regulation techniques to support themselves in responding to conflict effectively.

The second area focuses on the components of good relationships and provides a framework of engagement for conflict situations. The webinars lay special emphasis on the message that conflict is an opportunity for increased understanding and collaboration.

Teachers will learn the foundational techniques of “Conflict Aikido”, how to respond to conflict through constructive means, and how to move towards a restorative mindset and classroom. This will aid in effective conflict management, allowing both parties to move from destructive reactions to constructive and collaborative responses.
These workshops present opportunities for self-reflection and peer learning, contributing to long-lasting personal and professional development.
ATU Campus, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
Tel: (071) 9138700

Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

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