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Teacher Social Media Accounts:
How to Benefit Professionally While Avoiding Risks
Claire Romito  @teachingplans.ie
Jan 10th (7pm)
Social media is a fantastic tool for allowing teachers to connect and much helpful CPD, information, advice and support is now shared in this way. The online space also affords massive opportunities for teachers to share resources and even to earn some extra income. But because this is a relatively new phenomenon, there is still uncertainty about what is and what is not okay to share on online, and teachers can leave themselves open to serious issues if they are not extremely careful and aware of legislation and guidelines in this area.

This webinar will outline the huge benefits of social media use for teachers, while making teachers aware of the potential pitfalls so that that they are not putting themselves or their career at risk. It will give specific examples of practices that should be avoided when sharing teaching content online, as well as advice for teachers who are interested in selling some of their own resources.
Presenter Bio:
Claire is an experienced Irish primary school teacher, having graduated with a First Class Honours B.Ed in Education and Psychology in 2012. Claire has extensive experience as Assistant Principal and SEN coordinator and has taught in mainstream, SET, EAL, and as Autism Class teacher. Claire runs the hugely popular teachingplans.ie website and blog, as well as the @teachingplans.ie social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.
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Contact Us:
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