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To book a place on a course for the first time, it is essential to register on the website

How can I book myself on a course?
Step-by-Step Instructions
Step 1 - Click the 'Register' button (https://www.ecsligocourses.com/)
Step 2 - Complete the Registration Form
Step 3 - Check your email (and spam box) for Registration Confirmation
Step 4 - Return to the website and log in
Step 5 - Update your Profile if you need to!
Step 6 - Go to the 'Courses' menu, select your course and book your place - if the course is free check your email for Booking Confirmation

Paid Courses?
Step 7 - We use Paypal for online payments
Step 8 - Check your email for Course Confirmation email and reciept of payment
Be sure to look out for email updates and course reminders from the Centre!

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to register? Registration allows you to track your course history for CPD purposes.
What is my Profile? Your Profile contains your registration data and course history. You can also change your password, email address etc.
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