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Using the Digital Learning Framework (DLF) to embed Digital Technologies in Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
The Digital Learning Framework has been developed to assist schools in effectively embedding digital technologies into teaching and learning.
It provides clarity for school leaders and education providers in how to create a shared vision for how technology can best can meet the needs of all learners.

The Digital Learning Framework Seminars for  schools have now been rolled out in Sligo Education Centre.
The feedback has been extremely positive from Principals and Teachers.
Please email regina@ecsligo.ie if you have any queries or require support in this area.
Digital Learning Framework Seminars :The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) is commencing its professional development programme for the Digital Learning Framework and supporting Guidelines for all primary and post primary schools.  The Digital Learning Framework (DLF) was launched in the 2017/2018 school year as part of a trial with 50 schools and evaluated by the Education Research Centre (ERC).
As part of the next phase, PDST is offering full-day seminars for the school principal and one other member of staff. These will be delivered in Sligo Education Centre. Details regarding seminars specifically designed for special schools will follow shortly.
The seminar will provide participants with opportunities to
  • empower and enable school leaders and      digital learning teams to effectively embed the use of digital      technologies in schools, emphasising a constructivist pedagogical      orientation.
  • explore, through the use of the six-step      process and the sharing of good practice, how the DLF can support the      embedding of digital technologies in the school context.
  • raise awareness of the supports PDST and      PDST Technology in Education can offer in embedding digital technologies      in teaching, learning and assessment
In addition, participants will be invited by the Educational Research Centre (ERC) to complete a short (5-10 minute) questionnaire during the seminar asking about:
  • digital resources currently available in      the school, and
  • initial thoughts on embedding digital      technologies in teaching, learning and assessment in the school.
Places are strictly limited, so we will not be able to accommodate anyone who has not booked in advance.
The Department of Education and Skills will provide substitute cover where required.
We look forward to meeting you at these seminars.
Kind regards,
Ciara O’ Donnell
National Director

N.B. Please contact us at regina@ecsligo.ie if you wish to attend a mop up seminar in Spring 2019
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