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Reviewing & Developing SEN Policy
Tutor: Dr Celia Walsh
April 25th (7pm)
Dr Celia Walsh will focus on the following areas:
  • Discussion and review of appropriate SEN policy templates
  • Potential of 6 step SSE process to be applied in the improvement and development process.  
  • Reviewing additional needs in our school given current circumstances.
  • Examination of the schools ability to support students at risk through remote learning
  • Identifying gaps in the knowledge and skills of the school team.
  • Identification of the stakeholders to engage in the reviewing of current policy & practice in SEN.
  • Selection of suitable data collection methodologies (reflective questionnaires, focus groups, interviews)
  • Collating and analysing data, summarising concerns, prioritising areas for focus and development
  • Setting of targets, strategies and actions to be undertaken.
  • Roles of various school teams and personnel in the implementation of the revised SEN policy
  • Mechanisms to monitor the implementation process  and to evaluate the impact of the revised practice and procedures going forward

ATU Campus, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
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Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

Contact Us:
Web: www.ecsligo.ie

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