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Anxiety in the Classroom
Oct 2oth  (7pm)
Dr Julie Meehan
Anxiety has been identified as one of the most common mental health difficulties that shows up in students in the classroom - whether it is the primary or post primary environment.
There is a spectrum of anxiety presentations which can range from relatively mild manifestations of this difficulty in the classroom to more severe signs of it, such as overwhelming panic attacks, challenging behaviours and school refusal.

In this webinar we will explore the following questions and topics:
  • Exploring the anxiety spectrum and how anxiety can show up in different ways in the classroom.
  • Understanding what happens in the brain when anxiety shows up.
  • Applying evidence-based strategies to support students in the classroom.
  • How can you bring your greater awareness of anxiety in the classroom to your existing experience and knowledge of an educator/support staff to develop specific strategies that work for you and your class?

In preparation for this webinar, you are invited to reflect on your experiences you have had with students with anxiety and the learnings you have gained from your time with them.
You may wish to reflect on what you have found useful in order to support these students, and indeed to support yourself as their teacher or support staff.  

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