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An Introduction to Trauma and Regulation
Practical tools for self-care and to help children
Oct 17th (7pm)
Facilitator: Hayley Rice
Child and adolescent psychotherapist, Play Therapist, MA MIAHIP MIAPTP

We will explore trauma, what it means, the types that might present in the classroom and how trauma occurs.
Emphasis will be given to the importance of teacher self-care when working with trauma in the classroom, including ways to become aware of personal triggers/ getting support etc. Insight in to how children may present if they are traumatised will be discussed using real-life examples.
This will be framed in the context of Ukrainian families arriving in Ireland as one example.
Other common examples will also be given. The impact on learning and an understanding of the neurobiological changes that take place in times of trauma will be outlined.
Best practices for helping children to regulate in the classroom will then be presented. This includes spotting trauma behaviours, understanding the fight, flight, freeze response and bringing 'felt safety' into the classroom.
Research from Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Daniel Siegel, and Dr. Stephen Porges amongst others will be drawn upon. Practical tools to help children with the range of emotions they may experience will be presented. Opportunities for questions and answers will be provided. Finally, a list of further resources for teachers will be shared.
ATU Campus, Ballinode,Co Sligo.
Tel: (071) 9138700

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