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Schools Information Pack 2020 (print version)  
‘Connecting creativity and innovation through Craft’
 CRAFTed is the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Primary School Visual Arts based educational programme. It promotes learning through creativity and innovation, placing professional craftspeople to work alongside teachers in primary schools.It focuses on integrated learning methodologies through the Visual Arts Curriculum, using a process-led methodology that focuses on the child’s own creativity.
CRAFTed is being developed and delivered in partnership with the full-time Education Centres (ATECI) across the Republic of Ireland

The key elements about CRAFTed
  • Programme is based on  sound education principles aimed at developing a creative, process led collaborative programme between teachers, students and craftspeopl
  • Building skills through collaboratively based continuous professional development programmes for teachers and craftspeople
  • Delivering an active programme in schools, focusing on supporting integrated learning in the  Visual Arts, (VA) and Social, Environmental and Scientific Education  (SESE) curricula at primary level.  
  • Emphasis on craft based skills that utilize and reinforce numeracy & literacy skills
  • Facilitates a continuum of learning through the development of web-based resources accessible to both teachers and craftspeople. www.learncraftdesign.ie
Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Education Panel – Who are they?
  • All members of the Design      & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Education Panel are professional  craftspeople across a variety of visual arts and crafts disciplines with their own studio practice. All members attend training days; designed to focus on the aims and objects of craft based educational workshop
  • Child Protection      training for all education panel selected to take part in the programme
  • All Education Panel members are Garda E- Vetted
  • The focus on collaborative training for teachers and craftspeople is key to the development of working partnerships between artists, craftspeople and primary school teachers as part of CRAFTed.
CRAFTed 2020- how it works
This years CRAFTed programme will take place in the 2020 Spring and Summer Term. All Primary Schools will have the opportunity to apply to participate in CRAFTed, which will run in approximately 70 schools countrywide
CRAFTed 2020- how to apply
To register your interest for CRAFTed 2020 complete APPLICATION FORM and send to your Sligo Education Centre by Wednesday November 13th 2019
Please see the CRAFTed website with further details on how to apply.
CRAFTed 2020- what you need to know
  • Each      school is asked to contribute €250 towards the cost of the programme. Education Centres will invoice selected schools for the €250
  • Materials budget to be agreed by school and craftsperson in advance of the project starting and as part of the collaborative planning evening Guidelines for materials spend is €200 Max.
  • The type of projects  and number of students involved will have a direct effect on the cost of materials
Time Frame / Contact Hours
  • The      on-site programme in schools is for ten contact hours to  take place between February to May 2020
  • Teachers and Craftspeople  should allow time after each session for feedback and planning.
  • Sessions will be timetabled to suit participating teachers and craftspeople. These dates will be set at the Collaborative Planning Session.
  • CRAFTed Showcase event to take place in local Education Centres in May 2020.
Dates /Attendance
If your school is selected it is compulsory that the participating teacher is available for the planning events and dates below
  • Teacher      who attends CRAFTed Information & Planning Session (February 2020) must be the teacher who rolls      out the project.
  • Showcase Event, May2020      
(Exact Dates & Times TBD)

For more information on CRAFTed go to     http://www.learncraftdesign.ie/take-part
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