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PDST -  Primary Mathematics Problem Solving for ALL your Pupils
During these twin workshops, explore how 'sowing the seeds' for successful problem solving in Maths, begins
with establishing a productive classroom climate. Learn how to encourage all your pupils to openly share their
strategies, value how they can learn from mistakes and see how productive struggle can help to develop a
'growth mindset' to maths and problem solving. Choosing the correct tasks will ensure maths language is
embedded in a context and give all your pupils a chance to shine at problem solving in Maths.
Suitable for all primary teachers.

Venue: Sligo Education Centre
Dates: 26/9   & 23/10
Times: 4pm - 6pm
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Primary Relationships & Sexuality Education  more

Venue: Sligo Education Centre
Dates: 10/11  & 17/11
Times: 12pm - 3pm
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